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Welcome to the new Coast Access Radio Frequency blog. Here we will keep listeners and broadcasters up to date with the happenings at the radio station.

NZ On Air/Colmar Brunton Survey 2016

Recently NZOA commission Colmar Brunton to complete a survey to evaluate the value of community access radio to its communities. It is an area about which there is little research. Quantitative data is hard to come by. And with a mandate to serve niche audiences, the standard radio survey figures have little meaning.

This project used an online forum to engage programme makers and NGO and community leaders in a interactive questionnaire about access radio.

Here is a link to the results of that survey

New Broadcasters Join Coast Access Radio

Some of the more observant of you may have noticed some changes to our schedule over the last couple of weeks.

There are more coming!

We are proud to announce that joining the Live To Air broadcasters here on Coast Access Radio are Dave Dee who will be on air every Saturday night from 2 July at 7pm until midnight helping your party rock and roll. Then every weekday from 27 June at 6am until 8am Todd Zaner will be waking you up and getting you off to work on time. 

Todd's arrival has meant that we have had to move the current weekday morning show to 8am. So AJ, Andrew, Walter, Graham and Graeme will still be here but they get an extra half-hour in bed. They will be playing their kind of music until 10am. 

Don't forget that Liz Barry is already here on Mondays at 11:30am and Wednesday at midday selecting special sounds for your lunchtime listening.

All this has meant that some programmes we broadcast have had to shift their time and/or days, so please take a look at our schedule page.

 And don't forget The Big Listen is coming.

We Are Working On Something Big

Here at Coast Access Radio we are all working on something big. Stay tuned for more information.

Here at Coast Access Radio we are all working on something big. Stay tuned for more information.

Nikki Carroll Joins Coast Access Radio


Coast Access Radio is delighted to have Nikki Carroll join us as the person responsible for Funding & Sales.

She sources advertising and programme sponsorship with existing and potential clients to fund the station’s operation costs. Nikki will also apply for local and national grants.

If you would like to advertise on Coast Access Radio, or sponsor one of our programmes please contact Nikki.

Bevyn Gibson Leaves Coast Acces Radio

Graeme says goodbye to Bevyn

Bevyn Gibson has been connected to Coast Access Radio either on air, as the Broadcaster Association's Chairman, or working as the finance raising agent for 15 years.

During that time his programmes have entertained the many listeners who have grown to love his presentation manner, and his subtle tones. Not to mention his sense of humour.

He has brought us Sunday at 8, Faith Matters, Now... That's Different, and his Tuesday morning live broadcast.

Fear not dear listeners because his dulcet tones will still be heard on air. He has just decided to retire from counting the notes for Coast Access Radio. He has also decided to spend a little longer in bed on Tuesday, and will not be broadcasting live. His other programmes will continue.

On December 17 a celebration was held at Coast Access Radio to say thank you to Bevyn for his hard work and a large number of fellow broadcaster gathered to show their thanks for what he achieved in each of his roles at the station.

Good luck to you in your retirement Bevyn, and we look forward to continuing to hear your voice on air.

IMG 0004.jpg

Bevyn Gibson

New Schedule

New Schedule

We have been working hard to produce a new schedule. We are doing this to make room for more programmes.

The new schedule will be implemented in the New Year. Some programmes will be moving times, so please ensure that you check our schedule page to ensure that you do not miss your favourite programme.

Don’t forget that if you do miss a programme it is always available to hear again from the programme’s page on this website.


In this new programme Nicholas Roser puts his Albums On Parade as he takes a dive into his collection plays selected tracks and relates the facts history and stories about how they came to be.

Perhaps the album is a lost art nowdays but Nicholas still believes they possess a great quality to them

This programme plays four-weekly at the following times:

  • Monday 8.00 pm
  • Thursday 11.00 pm

See the Programme Schedule for details

The Sustainability Show

A new programme hosted by Dave Timperley in conjunction with Transition Towns.

In this show they interview a variety of people with a diverse range of sustainability practices, encompassing social environmental and economic outlooks

They are keen to explore and link sustainable practices in our local community, extrapolating how people put their commitment into practical ways.

Local Architecture Now

Local Architecture Now is a new four-weekly programme on at the following times

  • Sunday 12.00 Noon
  • Tuesday 6.00 pm
  • Thursday 2.00 pm

Rosalind Derby has the following to say about the programme.

This programme is to explore the scope of the architecture profession within the Kapiti Coast district. This also extends to Urban Design as a profession and its relevance today in the development of the Kapiti town centres. This implies  their interrelationship with each other as places to live and work and as destinations for visitors / tourists / business operators and incoming industries.  This also looks to understand the balance of the local geographies of coast, dune, suburban, rural, urban, bush, stream, mountain, river and then neighbouring city.

Kapiti's quality is obviously of the coast: but it is also rural, bush and river. How is the rigorous practice of architecture and urban design able to progress change and sustain identity in its development? 

The programme will at times use interview to gain current perspectives.  It will discuss design of specific buildings and it will discuss the process of getting these buildings built.  In conveying this very practical area of building we hope to talk with staff from the Building Consents team at Kapiti District Council's Building Office and with those in the building industry.

I look forward to the response from listeners as we broadcast these exciting, creative and informative sessions.

Sounds Of Brass

Norm Stewart from the Kapiti Brass Band is the presenter of Coast Access Radio’s new brass band programme Sounds Of Brass.

 This new programme replaces the ever popular show from George Malin, and will be broadcast at the same times fortnightly

               Sunday 10.00 am

               Tuesday 3.00 am

•               Thursday 7.30 pm

See the Programme Schedule for details.

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