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Old Time Radio

Old Time Radio is a new programme that was first broadcast on Saturday 26 September. Your host, James Eaton, will be presenting radio programmes from the Golden Era of Radio - the 1930s-50s.

So if you can remember the radio serials of old, like Phillip Marlowe, or Gunsmoke. This programme is for you. If you are too young to remember them, be sure to listen and discover what your parents, and grandparents, had to entertain them in the evenings.

The show is broadcast on Saturdays at 8:30pm and repeated Mondays at 10:00pm and Wednesdays at 1:30pm.

Claybourne In Friday Afternoon Live With James

Starting on the 25th September James will be playing the New Zealand made-for-radio soap opera called Claybourne. The drama contains  elements of science fiction, supernatural, and thriller genres.

This radio drama was produced in 1998 by Pronoun Productions - Belinda Todd and Andrew Dubber. The Newstalk ZB network first broadcast the programme 4 days a week.

The story involves an American, Thompson, who after a breakup is on holiday from his work for Koestler Industries and arrives in Claybourne. He starts to investigate the death of behavioural psychologist Helen, working for Koestler on a secret project with commercial as well as military applications. He teams up with Mata and Mike of the Te Whenua o Te Irirangi-people and local bartender Karen.

Andrew Dubber has given James permission to air all the 96 episodes on Coast Access Radio during his Friday Afternoon Live programme.

New Headphones

At the last AGM on the 15th September the meeting voted for a proposal to purchase six sets of headphones.

The model chosen was the Sony MDR-7650A Professional Monitor Headphones. 

These headphones can be found in virtually every recording studio on the planet. They have studio-quality sound and impressive sound isolation, but they're still comfortable enough that you can wear them for even the longest tracking or mixing sessions. Their closed-back design and thick earcups keep sound from leaking out into microphones, and they also provide a consistent listening environment anywhere you use them. 

There are already some examples of these headphones in use in some studios, but we will soon have them available in all the studios.


Bevyn Gibson Steps Down

After many years as Chairman of Broadcasters’ Society Bevyn Gibson has stepped down.

At the last AGM on 15th September 2015, Bevyn resigned from his position as Chairman of Broadcasters’ Society.

Bevyn shoes would have been very hard to fill, and with a reassessment of how the broadcasters affairs should be looked after, the out going Committee voted for a restructure.

Instead of six person committee broadcasters will now have one representative and a treasurer will look after the funds.

James Eaton was elected to be the Broadcasters’ Representative and Graham Stevens was re-elected as Treasurer.

Bevyn farewells George Malin

Bevyn Gibson farewells George Malin at the AGM.

George Malin Retires

Sadly George Malin has had to stop making his “Brass Band” programme. According to records at the station his first broadcast was February 8th 1998. 

Now after hundreds of programmes George has sounded the “Last Post”.

Do not fear brass band music lovers - George may have stopped broadcasting, but plans are under way for a new brass band programme. Meanwhile repeats of George’s programme will run.

George, thank you for the entertaining programmes, and we all wish you well.

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