Claybourne In Friday Afternoon Live With James

Starting on the 25th September James will be playing the New Zealand made-for-radio soap opera called Claybourne. The drama contains  elements of science fiction, supernatural, and thriller genres.

This radio drama was produced in 1998 by Pronoun Productions - Belinda Todd and Andrew Dubber. The Newstalk ZB network first broadcast the programme 4 days a week.

The story involves an American, Thompson, who after a breakup is on holiday from his work for Koestler Industries and arrives in Claybourne. He starts to investigate the death of behavioural psychologist Helen, working for Koestler on a secret project with commercial as well as military applications. He teams up with Mata and Mike of the Te Whenua o Te Irirangi-people and local bartender Karen.

Andrew Dubber has given James permission to air all the 96 episodes on Coast Access Radio during his Friday Afternoon Live programme.

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