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Graeme Joyes

Graeme Joyes

Morning Show

James Eaton


Friday Afternoon Live

Graham Stevens


Morning Show/Friday Drive

Andy Stephens


Morning Show

Coast Access Radio broadcasts live to air at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday 6.00-8.00AM - Breakfast with Todd Zaner
  • Monday to Friday 8.00-10:00AM - The Morning Show
  • Monday 11.00AM-1.30PM - Lunch With Liz Barry
  • Wednesday 12 Noon-3.00PM - Lunch With Liz Barry
  • Friday 1.00-4.00PM - Friday Afternoon Live with James
  • Friday 4.00-7.00PM - Drive Time with Liz or Graham
  • Saturday 7:00PM-Midnight - Rock Back The Clock with Dave Dee

Each show is packed with the diverse music mix that Coast Access Radio is famous for. We also keep you informed with the latest news, weather, travel information, road conditions, and community notices.

You can contact the Live desk via text message to 022 105 1715, our Facebook page or via email , or even phone 04 293 4838.

We will attempt to answer or fulfill your requests, but cannot make promises.

AJ Palmer


Morning Show and other slots

Walter Godfrey

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Morning Show

Liz Barry

Liz Barry.jpg

Lunch on Mondays & Wednesday

Dave Dee

Rock The Clock Back

Todd Zaner

Breakfast With Todd Zaner

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