Collaborative Voices

Ros Rice & David Barrow

Ros Rice & David Barrow

COLLABORATIVE VOICES is a 30min bulletin compiled in Wellington by the NZ Council of Social Services (NZCOSS) together with Social Development Partners (SDP), previously known as the NZ Federation of Voluntary and Welfare Organisations. It focuses on various areas of the social-services sector – by discussing legislation, specific organisations, information-updates, and interviews.

In recent years, agencies engaged in providing community services have been gaining a greater profile. The scale and contribution of the not-for-profit sector to our community and country is significant.

For example, Statistics New Zealand has released figures that confirmed there were 97,000 non-profit organisations operating in New Zealand, employing 105,000 paid employees and supported by more than 430,000 volunteers. Just under 26,000 of these are charities registered with the Charities Commission.

Keeping the community sector up-to-date about topical issues is the key purpose of COLLABORATIVE VOICES. It’s a regular, informal conversation on air, with someone or about something, as a way of keeping people informed. The programme aims to profile the social-services sector in a way that actively demonstrates how organisations are working together collaboratively.

Regular presenters are Ros Rice (NZCOSS) and David Barrow (SDP). Ros and David both have experience in community radio broadcasting and are based in Wellington.


This programme plays four weekly. See the Programme Schedule for details

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