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Peter Grindrod

Peter Grindrod

I was born and bred in Wellington and now reside in the Hutt Valley. I was introduced to the exciting world of radio by John Terris, who, at the time, was hosting a Saturday morning 2 hour current affairs show called Valley Views on Hutt Radio 106.1 FM. I joined the show initially to secure appointments for guests on the show. Shortly after I was asked to read a short piece on air. Later I began doing interviews and filling in for John on a casual basis.

A year or two from there when he left the station the show was offered to me. I was very honoured as Valley Views was considered to be the best program that we had at the time with a large following.

When Hutt Radio finished I migrated my show to Wellington Access Radio changing the name to “Hot Topic”. This is the show I am now about to launch on Coast Access Radio.

I will be pre-recording interviews with interesting guests on a weekly basis and will be intending to bring you content of a topical nature to listeners in our catchment area.


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