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Anyone can make a programme on Coast Access Radio, but we give priority to those who do not have access to main stream radio. This group would include ethnic and religious minorities, women, youth, children, people with disabilities, special interest groups and other minorities in the community.

You do not have to be technical, we provide that expertise, you just have to provide the content.

If you wish to make a programme on Coast Access Radio please contact us.

All our programmes are made locally by volunteers and nationally acknowledged for their award-winning qualities.

Coast Access Radio has been a finalist in the New Zealand Radio Awards twenty- two times since 2000.

Coast Access Radio is proud to be one of twelve independent Access radio stations operating around New Zealand, and a member of the Community Access Media Alliance (CAMA). Support from NZ On Air, allows Access radio stations to provide broadcasting facilities for individuals or groups not otherwise heard in mainstream media.

Access radio stations work to the criteria expressed in Section 36c of the Broadcasting Act 1989, which states;

“Access Radio air-time priority must be given to programmes by, for and about women, children, disadvantaged and disabled people, minority groups including ethnic minorities, youth, spiritual and non-profit making community groups who would not otherwise have the opportunity to make and present their own programmes”


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